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How to choose a Baby Entertainer | Baby Walker or Activity Centre

As your baby grows up it is important to introduce your baby to different kinds of activities. These exciting activities encourage your baby to keep rolling and improve their motor skills. The walkers and activity centers contain these stimulating features to meet the child’s clamorous curiosity. Now you have to choose between a baby walker or activity centre.

Generally, walkers and activity centers are surrounded by exciting toys and thrilling activities. Now the question which to choose, baby walker or activity centre. Here we will clear the confusion for you.

Let’s start with Baby Activity Center. 

What is an Activity Center?

Basically activity centers are stationary play stations, similar to jumpers. These stationary play centers are often known as baby jumpers. Activity centers can be a really very exciting play station along with toys and jumpers in it. These stationary centers help your baby to engage with the themed toys or activities in it and grow their motor skills gradually.

Often these play centers are designed with 360-degree rotating seats in them, thus the baby can move around and engage with all the intellectual activities. Also sometimes it came with bouncy seats which are also called a jumper or bouncer. 

Baby Walker or Activity Centre
Baby Activity Centre

Pros in Baby Activity Center:  

  • Activity centers designed with various activities and colorful themed toys, so that the little ones will not get bored easily.
  • These can be fixed on a standby position that’s why the kid is safe in it and will not fall down from it.
  • Some of these play stations can be used as an activity table with their stimulating activities.
  • Almost all of them came with 360 degrees rotating seat which helps to increase cardiac strength.
  • Some activity centers can be used as an activity table when your little ones grow up and become a toddler.
  • These stationary centers have height-adjustable options which pretty cool thing for the growing kids.
  • All these infant activity centers came with machine washable stretchy seat pad.

Cons in Baby Activity Center: 

  • Activity jumpers maybe become handy for your little because of their continuously jumping seat.
  • Because of continuous jumping in activity jumpers, it maybe assumes unnecessary pressure in your little one. But if you can limit the time for your baby in jumpers then that will not be a big deal.

FAQ’s about Activity Center:

Are activity centers good for babies?

Ans: If your kid likes to engage with various activities and jumping and moving around then the activity center will be the best choice for your little one to meet his growing curiosity.

Are these kind of play centers safe?

Ans: For babies from 8-12 months and just started walking and standing then don’t worry the activity center will be safe for your kid. And it will be the perfect time period.

Which is the best activity center?

Ans: This is the most stated and highly searched question from every mother. That’s why we have a separate and well-researched blog for this. You can read it here.

Now let’s come into the Baby Walkers.

What is a Baby Walker?

Walkers are round-shaped plastic-base with 360 degrees rotating wheels where the baby can seat along with a leg aperture. With that leg vent baby’s feet reach the floor and takes the support for walking and move around. Often these walkers came bouncy fabric seat and activity plate.

These walkers are generally used for babies from 4-15months when a child can sit but yet can’t walk independently. Infants walkers encourage your kid to get started walking.

Baby Walker or Activity Centre
Baby Walkers Alternatives

Risks in Baby Walker: 

Baby walkers give a false image to the parents as it is stable but still it can be very dangerous for its attached wheels. Because of the wheels, babies can move anywhere they want as their feet reached the floor and at a very high speed. That can be a very risky combination that may result in fall down from stairs, get smash to any wall, or hard things.

Also when a child in a walker they can easily move towards a table or a counter and pull off hot things into themselves, before you reach there.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) every year thousands of children get injured only because of walkers. And they are continuously reporting to get the walker to get banned. In Canada, baby walkers have banned in 2004 only regarding the risks of walkers. 

Also, a recent report of Pediatrics Journal shows that over 230,000 children have got injured only by the walkers and they have taken to the emergency room in the time period of 1990 to 2020. There are a bunch of accidents that have been occurred by the walkers. 

In another research shows that infant walkers delay the potential development of a child, and hinders the growth of independent walk. 

This video will help you to know more.

The Best Alternatives to Baby Walkers, According to Pediatricians:

Where the walkers have lots of risks on the other hand hopefully there are many alternatives available for babies. Before switching to the alternatives there are a few things that should be kept in mind that they are safer than a baby walker. The alternatives that we are going to show you are luckily very much safe and secure from walkers.

Stationary Activity Center: As we have discussed at first a stationary center can be a very good alternative if your infant likes to lay with toys and rotating 360-degrees to enjoy different views. Also, stationary centers keep your kid busy for many hours. Mostly this play center is much safe than a walker because it has a stable surface that doesn’t move with the child’s movement.

Commonly, most parents tell us if activity centers are safe and the best alternative to baby walkers than which is the best activity center for your child. Luckily we have found the best suggestion for you when buying an activity center. You can check this out from here. 

Baby Exercaucer: These baby exercausers are very much similar to traditional walkers but they are quite different from infant walkers. As they don’t allow babies to move anywhere he wants. Also, it gives very much fun when your little one in it.

Baby Jumpers: Well, jumpers can also be a good alternative as it has no risk to move with the kid and falling down or get stuck with any counter or other hard material. Baby jumpers can be attached to any surface you want and you can take them with you anywhere you want. And most importantly it gives a lot of fun to your little one on its every bounce.  

So, at last, the decision is yours what should be given to your little one. Please let us know which alternative do you think best for your child by the comment section. 

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